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Private and public Clouds

For a growing number of enterprises, the journey to cloud computing begins with a private cloud implementation. A private cloud transforms the way your business delivers and consumes IT services. By creating a layer of abstraction over pooled resources, a private cloud enables true service capability as well as optimally managed application services. Appko's proven track record for building private cloud solutions enable enterprises and IT to transform the delivery of infrastructure services to the end users.

Online Survey:
• Measure cloud maturity and cloud IQ

Readiness Assessments:

• ROI and Cloud Strategy
• Assess organization, environment, needs, recommendation
• Migration plan

Design Build and Develop:

Cisco Cloud:

Cisco IAC

• Cisco IAC Starter Edition
• Cisco IAC Enterprise Edition 3.1
• Cisco IAC Custom Integration (Integration brochure)
• Cisco IAC Professional Services (Appko cloud brochure)

Cisco Cloupia

• Cisco Cloupia Standup
• Cisco Cloupia Maintenance
• Cisco Cloupia Customization

Advanced UX design and development
• synthesizing the complex into clean, elegant, well designed, easy to use interfaces
• state of the art self service User eXperience

Application development & customization Services

• Java
• Python
• Adobe suite
• Salesforce
• Oracle
and us to discuss your needs


  • Complete cloud administration and management services


  • VMware
  • Openstack
  • Xen


• Zenoss
• Nimsoft

Converged Infrastructure Administration:

• Infrastructure as a service -On Demand
Enables you to immediately deliver applications and resources as services through a state of art self service UX. Your customers can request, configure, and manage IT services on your own infrastructure through an interactive portal that allows for automated provisioning.