Openstack Consulting: Proven Openstack Professionals

Your Cloud, Your Way

Do you want to take advantage of the license free, open source power of Openstack? Or do you need some help extending and maintaining your current Openstack setup? Appko’s cloud experts can help your business with all of its Openstack needs.

"OpenStack is an attractive private cloud option for enterprises ... But it's best to go with an implementation partner if your IT team doesn't have OpenStack skills ... You need consulting; you need training ... Right now, you need to have a pretty big team if you're going to do it from scratch."

Appko has built public, private, and hybrid clouds for some of the biggest service providers and companies in the world. Appko focuses on the business solution, leveraging the best of breed technologies, and can develop solutions to bridge gaps in vendor solutions.

Openstack Technologies:

Appko has experience in all openstack technologies, including the following:

An overview of Openstack technologies including: Horizon, Nova, Neutron, Swift, Cinder, Keysotne, Glance, Heat, Ceilometer, Trove, Shara, and Ironic

The Openstack Roadmap contains information on the latest realeases of Openstack, as well as planned and in-development feature for future releases.

Lifecycle Service Offerings:

Whether you are in the midst of planning or building your cloud, Appko offers services to support the whole lifecycle of your cloud.

Appko can assist you in planning, building, and managing your cloud


Providing Businesses with a roadmap for implementing Openstack and Cloud based on organization requirements

  • Business justification, use cases, and ROI analysis
  • Strategy and roadmap documentation
  • Cost benefit Analysis
  • Cloud readiness Assessment
  • Cloud migration Planning
  • Cloud architecture
  • Comparative analysis between open source and licensed model


Assisting organizations with customization and implementation of Openstack based on organizational requirements

  • Hypervisor selection and configurations
  • Hardware considerations: server, storage, network
  • Portal customizations: self service
  • Orchestration and Automation
  • Integration with Directory Services: LDAP, Active Directory, ...
  • Application Configuration Management: Puppet, Chef, ...
  • Security architecture and policy
  • Elastic network analysis and design
  • Production pilot, production release


Providing support and maintenance to your organization's Openstack environment as your cloud scales to organizational requirements

  • QA and Testing
  • Post Production support
  • Sustaining Services and maintenance support
  • Custom Development services
  • Integrations


  • Public, Private, and Hybrid cloud
  • Business solution focus
  • Best of breed technologies
  • World class engineering resources
  • Custom development
  • Migrating Applications