myCloudPod. True Self Service

What is a myCloudPod?

myCloudPod is a true Self-Service Cloud computing experience for your own private infrastructure. mycloudPod provides a complete cloud solution for your converged infrastructure which will drive user adoption and success at all levels of your organization.

myCloudPod + Your Pod = Cloud Computing

Its easy to get started with myCloudPod. We offer a SaaS solution that can be set up to your infrastructure in less than a day at a low cost. Your organization will quickly have a self-service cloud ready for your users. Your users are empowered, IT become cloud leaders, and VARs sell more.


myCloudPod completes your converged infrastructure, no matter your setup

Converged infrastructure with tools for administrators is not a complete solution. myCloudPod adds user self-service for cloud compute to complete the solution.

mycloudPod is agnostic to your converged infrastructure preference.

Your Pod, now It’s Your Cloud.



Experience - Built For Humans

myCloudPod delivers an easy, intuitive, and beautiful experience provisioning servers in the cloud. The experience of myCloudPod transforms users, and drives high adoption.

Cloud Computing for Humans.


myCloudPod brings success to the entire lifecycle of the CI investment. Users are empowered, IT becomes a leader, and VARs provide more complete solutions.

Empower Users: Users are empowered to create environments for their servers. mycloudPod is intuitive and a beautiful user experience. myCloudPod does not require hours of training concepts like on networking, virtualization, storage, and administration. Users have immediate access to your private cloud.

IT Leads: Many CIO's and IT leaders are building roadmaps to the cloud. myCloudPod helps IT lead on the new paradigm shift to the cloud and provides a real world IT self service model to their organization. Now IT leaders can begin shaping their organization to provide ITIL service.

Sell: VARs now have the ability to sell a complete solution to their customers. myCloudPod + converged infrastructure is a complete cloud solution. Conversations go from line item SKUs to strategic long term solution conversations. VAR is now in the advisor role to the customer.

myCloudPod capabilities

myCloudPod PODs

  • Provision Pod: create a new Pod in either the Public or Private network.
  • Firewall: Access Rules provides a route from outside the Pod to Servers inside the Pod.
  • VPN: VPN Accounts allow full access to the Servers inside a Pod using standard Windows VPN. No VPN client required.
  • Load Balance: Spread the load for a service running on multiple Servers. Multiple web servers can be used for a single website.
  • IP Subnet and IP Management: All IP networks are dynamically created and managed in the background without any input from users.
  • No networking experience needed: Your users can easily and quickly create Pods, while all the networking services are automated.


  • Provision Servers: create, edit, and remove servers.
  • Backups: create backups and restore to any of the backups.
  • Disks: create and remove additional disks for your Servers.
  • Configure: adjust the amount of memory or number of CPUs for your Servers.
  • On/Off/Suspend: boot/reboot, shutdown, or suspend your Servers.
  • KVM (Console): Access your Servers from myCloudPod with Keyboard/Video/Mouse control in the web portal.
  • Define Templates: create a new Template from any existing Server. Templates are used as the base of new Servers.


  • Borderless Networks: Access your infrastructure without need of firewall rules or special network setup.
  • Deployment in 1 Day: myCloudPod is set up for new customers within hours.
  • No Project, No Software, No Risk
  • User Accounts: User administration for your Cloud is handled within myCloudPod. You can add/remove your own users.
  • Manage CI Resources: Control which infrastructure your users are provisioning to.

Introducing myCloudPod

myCloudPod Screenshots

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Cloud Self-Service for Private Infrastructure