Cisco Cloud Advanced Services: Appko is responsible for more deployments of Cisco Cloud softwre than any other consulting company

Your Cloud, Your Way

Are you looking to take your cloud to the next level with automation and orchestration? Or do you want to build a cloud from the ground up? Appko’s cloud experts are masters of Cisco Cloud software and platform. Appko can assist with modernizing and customizing your cloud to your organization’s specific needs.

Appko has built public, private, and hybrid clouds for some of the biggest service providers and companies in the world. Appko focuses on the business solution, leveraging the best of breed technologies, and can develop solutions to bridge gaps in vendor solutions.

Appko’s engineers were a part of the Cisco engineering team that built IAC, and continue to assist Cisco with its development. Our deep knowledge of and experience with IAC equips us uniquely to implement and customize an IAC solution for your business.

Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud (IAC):

An overview of Cisco IAC

Appko can assist you with developing, configuring, upgrading, and migrating your CIAC setup

  • Design and Architecture
  • Test, dev, pilot, and production
  • Implementation into you organization

Prime Service Catalogue and Portal

  • UI / portal customized for your organization
  • Service item / service catalogue

Process Orchestration

  • Automation of services
  • integration into services within org: LDAP, AD

Network automation

  • Creation of real network topologies that focus on users and the applications that they use
  • Dynamic installation of virtual network devices on demand with on boarding and off boarding of tenants and organizations
  • Lifecycle operations for Layers 2 through 7, including modification and removal, that maintain the relationships and life cycles of users, tenant organizations, and applications associated with network capabilities

Cloud governance

  • Allows organizations to establish quotas and limits ahead of time, eliminating the surprise of large bills from public service providers
  • Gives end users an understanding of the costs of services at time of ordering before requests are finalized
  • Financial or consumption limits deliver financial granularity for project budgets
  • Allows enterprises or service providers to fund service expansion or staff additions from savings or from incremental revenue derived from offering Cisco IAC services to their customers

Multi-cloud management

  • Cisco IAC delivers out-of-the-box provisioning and management capabilities for Amazon EC2, OpenStack, VMware vCloud Director, and VMware vSphere and is designed to be extended to additional hypervisors and cloud providers
  • Multicloud management allows enterprises and service providers to tailor service offerings to the specific costs and functions of hypervisor platforms and specific project needs
  • Cisco IAC supports two infrastructure layers: OpenStack and Cisco UCS Director

ACM and Orchestration Services:

Cisco IAC is tightly coupled with Application Configuration Management tools such as Puppet and Chef. Appko can assist you with customizing, orchestrating services, and implementing ACM into your IAC platform.

We can also assist you in integrating your ACM tool of choice, like Salt and Ansible, into you IAC platform.

Appko can assist you in planning, building, and managing your cloud

Lifecycle Service Offerings:

  • Design, architecture and planning
  • Custom Development services
  • Integrations
  • Implementation services
  • Production pilot, Production release
  • Post Production support
  • Sustaining Services and maintenance support

Cisco One Services:

  • Automate your infrastructure to deliver unified computing, network, storage, and virtualization instances that span virtual and bare-metal resources.
  • Use the automation to fulfill infrastructure orders that are tailored to your specific policies and governance, and to deliver cloud-ready infrastructure services in minutes, improving time-to-value ratios.
  • Appko can assist you with your Cisco One ECS implementation and customization.

Our engineers are experts in all Cisco One technologies, including:

  • Intercloud Fabric (ICFB)
  • UCS Director (UCSD)
  • Prime Service Catalogue (PSC)
  • Virtual Application Container Services (VACS)
  • Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI)
  • Process Orchestrator (PO)

Technical Expertise:

  • Public, Private, and Hybrid cloud
  • Business solution focus
  • Best of breed technologies
  • World class engineering resources
  • Custom development