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March 17, 2013

Appko Announces myCloudPod, Cloud Self-Service for Private Infrastructure

Appko (, a Silicon Valley company, is announcing the release of myCloudPod today. myCloudPod is the first end user focused self-service cloud for converged infrastructure from venders like Cisco, HP, IBM, and Dell. Appko's response to the missing self service in the existing solutions is being showcased at the Avnet + Cisco Symposium in Scottsdale AZ this week.

Appko has been developing cloud solutions for converged infrastructure since 2007. Appko's experience developing custom solutions for companies the last few years was levered into the design of the new product. myCloudPod is the result of years of innovation in user experience and cloud computing. “User experience is key”, says Appko CEO Sean DuLac. “When your users are empowered, everyone wins.”

myCloudPod brings a new level of useability to the cloud computing market, and it does it for private infrastructure which is owned and operated by IT. This separates myCloudPod from other cloud computing solutions on the market such as the Amazon Cloud. IT can invest and control the infrastructure along with policy. This offers the best of both worlds according to Appko. IT is put in a leadership position as it can now provide a world class experience to their users while maintaining the control of the infrastructure.

Appko is launching myCloudPod through the VAR channel. VARs will be able to include myCloudPod to complete the solution for cloud computing. Currently VARs sell converged infrastructure with hardware, virtualization software, and tools for administrators. Missing is the ability for users to provision servers and networks according to Appko President Sean Moreland. “Infrastructure, sometimes called Pods, are missing self-service; myCloudPod is instant cloud for your Pod.”

myCloudPod allows VARs and IT to bring success to cloud computing. Now VARs can offer a complete cloud and IT gets the credit, according to Mr Moreland. “IT is looking for ways to establish a leadership position in cloud computing in the face of stiff competition from public clouds.” Simply providing the capability to provision servers is not enough. “Users are not administrators, so giving them an administration tool that is made available from the web is not the answer,” Mr Moreland explains, “myCloudPod is cloud computing for humans.”

"Over 50% of companies plan to develop an internal cloud computing solution within the next three years. myCloudPod was developed so companies can implement cloud computing without having to build and maintain their own custom software. For the first time, organizations can now have instant cloud for their own infrastructure. With myCloudPod everyone wins. End users become empowered, IT leads, and VAR’s sell more." said Mr Moreland.

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